We are always looking for new talent and look forward to finding new colleagues for our offices in Tel Aviv.

MASA takes great pride in the achievements of our team members both inside and outside the office; as designers, they must be encouraged to develop their own style and repertoire of work. All team members take an active role in the design process which we believe enriches the working environment and in turn our projects. Architecture and project management, for us, is team work.

At MASA, we maintain a cohesive team that enjoys comfortable conditions and days of formation and fun together.

Highly recommended students are also invited to apply for internships in Architecture. Please be aware that we would like you to enclose an excellent recommendation with your portfolio, and that you should be a student currently enrolled at a University


strong Revit, Autocad, Rhino, Adobe suit and rendering skills.

Practical Architect

with 3 years experience and more.


position for project management of Tel Aviv buildings.

Practical Engineer

with 3 years experience and more.

Architect Student

work placement positions for students.